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 Think you know what it means to be in the military?
                     Here's some cold, hard facts.
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Maybe you know the real purpose for tampons?
Some folks have a different idea.
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Who in the world would have guessed these guys were so into you?

This youtube video brought tears to my eyes ...yourwishmistress

How many times during the day
do you complain
about something trivial?
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You've probably never heard TAPS
played quite like this before.

The way this young lady plays her trumpet
is simply beautiful.

Settle back and enjoy!

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How much is your life worth?
$50?... $5?

all-volunteer military put their lives on the line
for the love of country.
It has to be since the pay is so little.

What steps can we take to thank them?

Here's one traveller's contribution.

Can you top it?
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Boots, slash-resistant gloves, goggles...
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btw, don't have a sense of humor?
Don't read this.

Thank God we have folks who are not only
willing to sacrifice their lives for us, but who
also share their personal experiences with us.

If not for that generosity, we may never know

If you've never heard of Ann Margaret,
you may not understand what sexy and classy
REALLY mean!

Click on the photo of Ann Margaret to read this
touching story of true appreciation.

Army soldier in Iraq with his tiny 'plot' of grass in front of his tent.

Here is a soldier stationed in Iraq, stationed in a big sand box.
He asked his wife to send him dirt ( U.S.soil), fertilizer,
and some grass seed so that he can have the sweet aroma,
and feel the grass grow beneath his feet.

When the men of the squadron have a mission
that they are going on, they take turns walking through the
grass and the American soil -- to bring them good luck.

If you notice, he is even cutting the grass
with a pair of a scissors.

Sometimes we are in such a hurry that we don't stop and think
about the little things that we take for granted.

Upon receiving this, say a little prayer for our soldiers that
give and give (and give up) so unselfishly for us.

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