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Some email forwarding can be fun. It can also be a disaster! Sending, and on occasion just opening, a 'cute' or 'funny'
forward might seem harmless. But it's what you
don't see that can wreak havoc. Viruses can not only hide in the forward, but
can take over your computer and also spread your address around without your permission or knowledge...sent in the form
of email FROM YOU. Your friends will think you sent them this horrible email, when it was actually an impostor. Sounds
scary, huh?

Formerly a site for sending your forwards to,
IWishTheyWould.net is a landing page, of sorts, for those emails which you
want to pass on. The emails on this site have been sent to us to 'clean up' and display. All present and prior recipients of
these forwards were deleted, as well as some of the 'fluff ' associated with them.

Although we are no longer accepting any forwards, the existing ones will remain in an archive form. Please enjoy them and
remember to always eliminate ALL previous recipients of a forward in your own mail box before you feel the need to pass it
on. Then, send to others in a 'blind copy'.

Better yet...just send them here to read some of the funniest, and sometimes, most annoying forwards around.

IWishTheyWould.net will be changing it's focus soon. Please come back to see what's new and, of course, to read our
archives. We thank you!! -yourwishmistress
Before you know it, you've got spam from
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will NEVER store, sell or rent your information. Ever.
Please remember that this does not include any outside links that you may click on.
Although, we strive to only have the most respectable affiliates available,
you should always consider clearing your cookies when you are through online. -
Please note that although this site is primarily a source of email forwards written by others.
The way that they are presented  is mostly through hours of research and artwork created by me.
Whenever possible, original artwork will be accompanied by a link to the author,
and/or will show their signatures.
We do not wish to profit in any way, shape or form from someone else's hard work.
Please support us and them by remembering this.
Thanks! -YourWishMistress
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